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Rustic Radio Rentals prides itself on providing high quality customer service, affordable communications equipment for rent, and variety of two-way communication solutions. Please see the different categories below to be aware of our policies and requirements for rentals.


Rental Policy

  1. Equipment offered for rental is of top quality and operates within factory specification and FCC operational standards. Therefore, all equipment must be returned from rental usage in the same condition that it was when it was rented. If any part of the equipment is damaged (radio, antenna, battery, charger, or speaker-microphone) the fee listed in the contract will be charged.

  2. Equipment is set-up and rented out for the specific communication purpose as specified by the customer. Modifications to equipment operation, performance, or usage is prohibited. Changes done to the equipment, as listed above, can result in immediate cancellation of the rental, fines, or even criminal charges.

  3. It is the responsibility of the customer to immediately notify Rustic Radio Rentals if any equipment is malfunctioning or in a failure state. If the notification is not in a timely manner, then the customer could incur charges for the damage.

  4. It is the responsibility of the customer to know and use the correct FCC procedures, rules, and protocols for two-way radio usage. If the usage of the radios violates the FCC items listed above the customer will be held 100% responsible for their actions. In addition, if the usage results in confiscation of the equipment the customer will be 100% liable for full replacement.

  5. Rustic Radio Rentals cannot guarantee range or reach of the equipment due to numerous factors. While these factors are attempted to be mitigated, they cannot always be managed. Every effort will be taken to ensure that the best possible range or reach of the rentals does take place.

  6. All customers should ensure that they have the training on how to operate the rentals prior to using them. Please contact a representative from Rustic Radio Rentals or JJK Communications LLC to ensure you have proper operation and training.

  7. The customer agrees to hold Rustic Radios Rentals and/or JJK Communications LLC harmless and/or not responsible for any damages or any sort of loss caused by or during the operation or possession of the rental equipment.


Rental Contract

  1. A legal photo ID along with either a major Credit Card or Bank Issued Debit Card is required for all rentals.

  2. Large unit rentals may require a deposit to be made for the time of the rental. The deposit will be returned, without interest, in full unless any damage or loss occurs to the rentals.

  3. All rentals will be for a minimum of 24 hours starting at 12:00 am on the day of the rental till 11:59 pm of that same day. This is regardless if the rentals are only used for a portion of the day.

  4. If rentals are to be picked up, they will be available after 2:00 pm prior to the first day of the rental.

  5. If rentals are to be dropped off (at a designated collection site), this will need to be done prior to 12:00 pm after the last day of the rental.

  6. If rentals are to be delivered via a shipping method, they will be delivered within the two days prior to the first day of the rental.

  7. If rentals are to be shipped back, they will need to be shipped the next day following the last day of the rental. 

  8. Rental dates cannot automatically be extended and arrangements with a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the last rental date must be made.

  9. A late fee of the full rental cost, per radio, will be assessed for each 24-hour period that the rental has not be returned or shipped for return.

  10.  Cancelations less than 48 hours, for radios that will be picked-up or delivered, will be assessed a one-day rental fee, per radio, at the full rental price.

  11.  Cancelations for a rental, after they have been shipped, will be assessed a one-day rental fee, per radio, at the full rental price.

  12.  Shipping charges, delivery charges, or on-site set-up fees are above and beyond the rental price of the radios.

  13.  Insurance is available through Rustic Radio Rentals for each rental but is NOT required for a rental. Regardless if insurance is purchased or not the customer agrees to be responsible for any loss, theft, or damage (either willful or accidental) beyond normal wear and tear.

  14.  Any of these damages will be charged to the customer at the end of the rental period. These charges must be paid in full within 30 days of the ending date of the rental. If not paid in full within 30 days legal action may be taken to collect all fees associated with the incident.


Guidelines for Proper Usage

  1. Have the radio battery fully charged and properly attached to the radio.

  2. Radios should be fully powered off when they are placed in the charger.

  3. Have the antenna properly secured (screwed) in place on the radio [DO NOT use the radios antenna as a handle or means to hold the radio].

  4. [IF] a belt clip or speaker/microphone is used ensure that they are attached securely to the radio.

  5. Ensure that each radio is on the correct channel and that the volume is set a comfortable level.

  6. If transmitting with the radio, in hand, it should be held approx. 4 to 6 inches away from the user’s face/mouth with the antenna in an upright position. The user should try to face the direction of the other user they are communicating with at that time.

  7. If transmitting with the radio, on the belt or in a harness, the antenna should not be in contact with anything metal and as clear of any objects as possible.

  8. If using a speaker/microphone or audio device, it should be held approx. 4 to 6 inches away from the user’s face/mouth.

  9. Personal or sensitive information should not be transmitted over the radio as transmissions can be heard by other users or parties.

  10. Users should key up the radio and wait until you hear the PTT ‘chirp’ or about one second and then speak. This will help reduce missed transmissions or people talking over one another.

  11.  When calling another user, the format of [you] from [me] should be used. An example would be: “Unit 4 here is Unit 2” or “Sarah this is John”. This format allows a user to pay more attention when they hear their callsign or name first.


Examples of Misuse

The following is a listing of some example of want would be considered misuse of rental radio equipment. This list is not all inclusive and if something might be considered questionable it should either NOT be done or the customer should contact Rustic Radio Rentals for guidance.

  1. No swearing or foul language should be used at anytime

  2. No music, singing, or broadcasting one-way broadcasts

  3. No jamming or causing willful or malicious interference

  4. Not to be used to help facilitate or be used in facilitation of a crime or criminal activity

If you have further questions in regards to the information on this page please feel free to email – or call us at (888) 455-5266.

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